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学神之女 2018 年 12 月 13 日

Another exam has been past. You know I got the 6th of whole grade on last exam. But on this exam, I am almost killing myself. To save myself, I wrote this article. Here I will analysis the total score and the ranking, then I will analysis each subject.

Addition: It seems I wrote this out of the title, I may wrote it as the difficultly of each subject.

Total Score and Ranking

Let me compare the result of last two subjects with the table below.

First Monthly Exam617911110085855755572
Second Monthly Exam54573989576775555529

(Normal: Shall be improved on normal days; Italic: Shall be improved through careful on exam; Bold: Hard to improve; Delete:Completely impossible to improve)

From the table, you can see, the result reduced obviously. Originally I could get 111 on math, but now I can get only 98 on this exam. And the total score reduced 43 points. It sounds very terrible. As for the reasons, it is the content of I will talk about below.

In total, the reasons should be:

  • All subjects'result(except geography) became worse.
  • Too proud, even wanted to be close to the sun.
  • Too many activities influenced studying.
  • Bad students polluted me, and I can't avoid to be influenced.

Then I'll introduce the detail reasons below, feel free to read or skip.


Chinese is the most difficult subject, whatever for me or for others. I've became bad on Chinese for a very very very very long time. Why?

  • Nausea poems and lessons. Because they're required to recite and silent write. And they're all difficult to recite. Even if I spend lots of hours to recite, I still can't recite them. Also even if I recited them, I will forget them very quickly.
  • Reading. This is the hardest part of Chinese. Although our Chinese teacher taught us the methods to answer some questions and the templates for some questions. I still can't answer them correctly. I can't find the core in the articles.
  • Exhausting compositions. Every self-created composition is difficult because it will take me lots of hours. Also my teacher is trying to prevent to copy from Internet. Luckily my teacher planned me to read an article for her every day to improve my composition skill.

To get the 1st of whole class, (Yes my goal is just to get the first of whole class) I have to make me good at Chinese. For now I planned to do:

  • Read an article for my teacher every day. In fact, this is already planned by my teacher. But it's really useful. Every time I can get some tips from my teacher. And I can improve my compositions with the tips.
  • Spend more time to recite the nausea poems and lessons. Poems and lessons won't be changed because I hate it. And it's one of important exam questions. So, to recite them, I must spend hundreds of hours even thousands of hours to recite. Impossible to get so much time? Just as far as I can.
  • Practice. I really don't have good methods to be good at Chinese. So, practice and practice.
  • Get help from teacher. The teacher has rich experiences. Don't be proud, ask more. Known is known, unknown is unknown.


Math is an easy subject. But an fatal problem is preventing me to get full scores: Careless.

Not all of careless errors are true. Some of them are fake. They're because I didn't achieve the contents in the book. To solve this problem is easy, as long as I can reverse the knowledge.

But, some of them are true. They are really because I am careless. For example sometimes I will lose a question. How to solve? No ideas. So if you read here, please provide some suggestions for me.


English is also an easy subject. The fatal problem: Careless is also preventing me. To improve it, I need to learn about grammar, and be careful.


History is easy, also history is difficult. Here are the problems about history:

  • As we know, I am not good at liberal arts. So of course I can't learn history well.
  • Knowledge is random. They're not so pity like English, math, geography and other physical subjects. So it's difficult to learn.
  • Not completely Open Book. Even if you can check your history book on exam, you still remember some important knowledge.

Here are the solutions:

  • Get help from teacher. Ask my teacher for history knowledge. That's useful.
  • Be good at liberal arts. It sounds impossible. But I will try it as far as I can.
  • Recite important knowledge. Not rote.(rote n. machine remember) Remember the knowledge through every lesson and homework.


Politics'choosing questions are really easy. Just you're familiar about the book. But the after questions are terribly difficult. Sometimes even if you spend 1 hour to copy from book, you still can't get a high score. For now I will try them:

  • Get help from teacher. Teacher is my best helper for politics learning.
  • Read more, understand more. You must be very familiar about the book to answer.
  • Write faster, think faster. Time is money. Save the time.
  • Practice. Liberal arts are flexible. Practice can make you solve the flexible questions.


Nothing to say. Just make every lesson useful and meaningful.


In the letter from me to my geography teacher, the hardest part of geography is:

In my point of view, the hardest part is to remember the weird places.

Solving this problem is not so hard, just be careful and be careful.

And for the result, I think I need to be careful to avoid the stupid wrongs. Also I need to follow my teacher in the class.


I've written a lot. Now let me summarize the things I need to do.

  • Be careful.
  • Read.
  • Get help from teacher.
  • Recite.
  • Practice.
  • Make every lesson meaningful.

At last, say less, do more. I must do them to realize them. All right. Add oil.(The famous phrase as Chinglish)

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